Kuvings is a leading kitchen appliance brand loved by health conscious people over 80 countries around the globe. We strive to develop the highest quality products that make healthy living more efficient, convenient, and delicious.

Brand Story
Kuvings = Kuche + Well Being, Living
Kuvings is a combination of the German word for “kitchen” and the word “living.” It encompasses what Kuvings represents because as a global brand, we strive to improve kitchen life with better, more functional, and innovative products.

Kuvings has numerous international patents and registrations for design and innovation.

Technology proven by over 1,400 patents applied.
We have applied more than 1,400 patents through development of technology and registered them to 80 overseas countries.

Kuvings has swept international design awards


We have gained public confidence by being awarded from ‘iF Design Awards,’ ‘Red Design Awards’ and ‘Spark Design Awards,’ etc.

Discover more about our range of Kuvings products on our YouTube Channel: Kuvings_Mauritius