Terms & Conditions:
By accessing REDLINE DISTRIBUTION LTD website or placing an order you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions refered as the “T&Cs”
• REDLINE DISTRIBUTION LTD reserves the right to update these T&Cs without prior notice. If you do not agree to be bound to these T&Cs you may not use or access the RDL website.
• The Site is provided solely for your personal use. You may not use the Site for commercial purposes.
• Kindly note that should there be any discrepancies between the T&Cs as per hereunder and contents of this website, these T&Cs shall prevail accordingly.
• You should read these T&Cs carefully before purchasing any products as they contain important information about your orders.
• This website is owned and managed by REDLINE DISTRIBUTION LTD, hereinafter referred to as “RDL” having its Head office and Service Centre at Plaine Lauzun, Industrial Estate Plaine Lauzun Mauritius, bearing Business Registration Number C07070890 and VAT No. VAT2049182

1.    Customer Service Centre
Any queries about your order processes, please contact our Customer Service Team on details below:
Phone: +230 2116060 or WhatsApp: 59416226 | Email: info@redline.mu
Monday to Friday: 08:30AM – 05:00PM 
Saturday: 08:30AM – 12:00PM
Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed
Any queries received after office hours will be tackled the next working day. 

2.    Login and Registration
Prior to any online purchase, you have to register online in order to initiate any online order/ transaction. (Please refer to the Registration Policy)

3.    Registration Policy

3-1. Customers are free to browse RDL e-commerce website.

3-2. Customers are required to keep any personal details in a safe place and same should not be shared with anyone.

3-3. Customers are also requested to keep your credentials accurate and up to date.

3-4. Customers are fully responsible for any activities or/ and orders placed under your registered account.

3-5. By registering with us, you agree and confirm to the following:
o    The T&Cs of this Website
o    Receiving newsletters, exclusive online offers during specific period or at any time

3-6. Customers will need to provide the following details during their registration on RDL e-commerce website:
o    First Name
o    Surname
o    Date of Birth | National Identity Card No./ Passport No.
o    Address/ Billing address / Shipping address
o    Mobile Number
o    Email address (See close: 3.5 E-mail address & Mobile number will be used for marketing purposes: newsletter, promotional campaigns, flash sales) 

3-7. Should you want to deregister with us, the customer should send an email to marketing@redline.mu. The process of deregister will be undertaken within 48 hours and a confirmation email will then be sent to the customer.

3-8. If you suspect any unauthorized use of your account or a third party has hacked into or otherwise tampered with your registered account, please contact our Marketing dept. immediately or via email: marketing@redline.mu without any delay, failing which we will not be liable for any loss, damage and/or prejudice suffered as a result of such hacking, tampering or otherwise.

3-9. RDL will not in any case be held responsible for any losses suffered by the customer due to the unauthorized use of his account. 

3-10. RDL reserves the right to suspend or cancel your account at any time if you are found of having misused or breached the security of RDL website or the use of inappropriate language on RDL website and social media accounts.

4.    Prices

4-1. Our prices are listed in Mauritian Rupees and are inclusive of VAT (15%) applicable at the time of order. The products are subject to change at any time. 

4-2. RDL reserve the right to change the prices at any time and without notice.

5.    Offers & Discount
You should rely on the product specifications when you place your order. Photos and videos form part of the sales contract and are only for guidance use. We reserve the right to withdraw or vary our offers and promotions at any time, prior to the confirmation of your order, without prior notice.

6.    Purchase

The Customer can make online purchase and payment. Payment for Products shall be made in local currency (Mauritian Rupee).

The Customer perform payment by using:
o    Bank Transfer (Internet or Mobile)
o    Mobile payment: MCB Juice, myT money

6.1 Confirmation of Order

Our sales department will contact you to confirm the order. In case of unavailability of stock, we will issue your refund in totality within 48 hours. 

7.    Home Delivery & Collection point

Delivery services and collection point are available only for the Republic of Mauritius.
o    Home Delivery/ Door-to-door Delivery:

This applies to order paid before 9a.m.

Payment means that funds are cleared on our bank account.  Note: We bank with MCB and Internet transfers from other banks take at least 48 working hours (2 working days) to reflect in our bank account.

The products will be delivered by RDL delivery team, at the address given upon placing the order and only when full payment is received.

Collection Points are as follows:
1.    Redline Distribution Head office, Industrial Estate, Plaine Lauzun. 
2.    Concept Store, Ave Michael Leal, Motorway M1, Pailles.

Delivery is made upon following conditions: 
1.    For all items that are cost less than Rs 5000.00, can take up to 3 working days: Rs 500.00

2.    For items less than 4Kg: By Postal service to your locality Post Office. Can take up to 3 working days: Rs 200.00

3.    For all items that cost more than Rs 5000.00, we offer FREE delivery. Can take up to 3 working days. 
You are required to check the condition of the products delivered at the time of delivery or collection, i.e. before you sign the delivery note.

All small items that can be posted, same will be delivered to the nearest Postal office of your current locality.

If the customer notes that the delivery box is not sealed/ damaged or the products are not as per ordered upon delivery or collection. The customer should not take delivery and inform the Customer Service immediately.

Once delivery or collection is made and the delivery note is issued, RDL will not be liable for any breakages, non-conformity or shortages of the products ordered.

8.    General Terms
Delivery or collection is made when the customer signs the Delivery note. Customer has to show a proof of identity: National Identity Card/ Passport to the delivery team at time of delivery or collection.

If a third party takes delivery of your order, he/she will also have to show his/her own NIC before delivery can be made and same should have been notified to RDL team. 

RDL will not be held liable for the late or non-delivery of the products or for any loss, damage and/or prejudice suffered as a result of any incorrect delivery or other information you have provided us or occasioned by events beyond our reasonable control.

9.    Redline E-Rewards

The Redline E-Rewards is the programme offered by REDLINE DISTRIBUTION LTD to reward its Clients purchasing its products from its e-commerce website www.redline-shop.mu
With reference to all communication regarding the Redline E-Rewards, the following terms are defined as follows: 

9.1 Redline E-Points means the points earned on transactions made on the e-commerce website: www.redline.mu

9.2 Redline E-points are awarded on qualifying purchases made only on the online platform: www.redline-shop.mu and only for customers who created an account, i.e not applicable for guest users. However, the number of points collected can vary according to products made available on the website at times of online purchase. 

9.3 Redline E-Points may not be applicable on selected products. Redline Distribution reserves the right to remove, increase or add points on selected items as and when required without notice or prior communication.

9.4 Redline E-Points are valid for 6 months and same can be redeem on our redeem page: https://www.redline.mu/redeem

9.5 Redline E-points are not exchangeable for cash and are non-transferable to other accounts (Spouse, family members, etc.).

9.6 Redline E-Points can only be used or spent on our gifts and can only be used on items clearly defined with a specific value in points. Please check the list of possible rewards on https://www.redline.mu/redeem

9.7 Redline E-Rewards means the possibility for the Customer to redeem the points collected, further to the purchases made online on www.redline-shop.mu

9.8 Redline E-Rewards is applicable to Mauritian citizens and residents aged as from 18 years. 

9.9 Redline E-points should cover the value in points stated for the item/reward; you cannot make a part payment of points towards the gift. Redeeming gifts may be subject to availability in store.

9.10 Redline Distribution Ltd reserves the right to ask for identification i.e. a National Identification card or valid passport, when redeeming the gift in store. 

9.11 Redline E-Points is automatically subtracted from the customer account at times of redemption of gift in store.

10.    Cancellation of Order & Return Policy
For the purchase of products, the Customer may cancel his order within 24 hours following the purchase by sending an email to 
b.    Goods once sold are not exchangeable and non-refundable.
c.    Should you wish to exchange or return the goods after payment, RDL management reserves the right to claim, an Administrative Fee of Rs 500.00 per item (VAT included). 
d.    Furthermore, a Transport Fee will be applied as per our current rates if goods have already been delivered.

11.    Storage Fee
A Storage Fee of Rs 300.00 (VAT Included) per week per item will be claimed in case delivery is not taken as agreed. 

12.    Warranty
Specific Warranty Periods are defined and may vary per product. For more details, please see RDL Conditions of Warranty. 

13.    Technical problems on the website
We endeavour to provide the best service possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the service will be free from technical problems for the website. If you come across any problem for accessing RDL website, please contact our Marketing Team by sending a mail: marketing@redline.mu and we will remedy to the situation as soon as we reasonably can.

During maintenance period of RDL e-commerce website, customers will have limited access and no online purchase can be made.

14.    Applicable law
The relevant laws of Mauritius will apply to these T&Cs and the Courts of Mauritius will have exclusive jurisdiction. If any of these T&Cs is found to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the remaining T&Cs. These will continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by Mauritian law.

15.    Disputes
In the event that any claim, matter or dispute arises between customer and RDL arising out of or in connection with your use of the Portal, same must be referred to the Customer Service Centre by contacting our Customer support department on 2116060 or by email: info@redline.mu. Both parties shall first strive to amicably resolve all matter or disputes arising from the interpretation or performance of these T&Cs, failure of which, the matter or dispute will be resolved in accordance with the Mauritian Code of Civil Procedure.

16. Content Errors, Corrections, Omissions and changes

We endeavor to provide you with the most accurate information as possible on the website. In case of errors or omissions, we reserve the right to withdraw any offers or promotions.


Notwithstanding the clause, REDLINE DISTRIBUTION LTD reserves the right to deal with any legal claims arising from the matter in a forum of its choice, which will include but will not be limited to, the Courts of the Republic of Mauritius. This right will continue to apply after termination, cancellation or amendment of these T&Cs. You agree that REDLINE DISTRIBUTION LTD is entitled, but is not obliged, to institute any proceedings arising out of or in connection with these T&Cs or your use of the website or its material, in any Court in the Republic of Mauritius having jurisdiction over you, even though the cause of action in question may exceed the jurisdiction of that Court.